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Tapioca Chips Special Masala

Brand Nitya
SKU 150g
Name of the product Tapioca Chips Special Masala
About the product · Crafted from the finest tapioca, our chips provide the perfect foundation for a unique and flavorful masala experience.
· Nitya’s Tapioca special masala is a carefully curated blend of spices, ensuring a rich and satisfying taste in every chip.
· Each chip is meticulously seasoned with our special masala to guarantee an even distribution of flavors and an authentic snacking experience.
· The application of special masala is done with precision, ensuring hygiene while delivering a consistent and delightful flavor.
Nutritional information -reference values per 100g
Calories 480kcal
Carbs 69g
Protien 6.5g
Dietary Fiber 3.5g