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Indian Green Peas

Brand Nitya
Name of the product Green Peas
About the product · Our frozen green peas are sourced directly from fields at the peak of freshness, ensuring the retention of natural taste and nutrients.
· Utilizing advanced flash freezing technology, we freeze green peas quickly to preserve their texture, color, and nutritional value.
· Our frozen green peas contain no artificial additives, ensuring a pure and natural vegetable option for your meals.
· Our frozen green peas undergo a thorough cleaning process to remove impurities and ensure they meet the highest hygiene standards.
· Our frozen green peas comply with all relevant food safety regulations, reflecting our commitment to delivering a product that meets the highest safety standards.
Nutritional information -reference values per 100g
Calories 77kcal
Dietary Fibre 4.2g,
Vitamin C 18mg