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Idli with Coconut & Ginger Chutney

Brand Nitya
SKU 660g
Name of the product Idly with Ginger and coconut chutney
About the product · Nitya frozen idly is prepared using fresh and high-quality ingredients.
· The freezing process helps preserve the freshness and flavor.
· We maintain the authentic taste and texture of traditional idly in our frozen product.
· We prioritize natural ingredients and do not use artificial preservatives, providing a healthier frozen food option.
· Nitya idlis are Packed with a good amount of protein
· Rich in dietary fiber
· Rigorous quality control measures are implemented throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the highest standards are met.
· Sourced and packed hygienically
Nitya frozen idli comes with ginger and coconut chutney
Nutritional information -reference values per 100g
Calories 119Kcal
Protien 3.9g
CHO 2.8g