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Banana Chips Black Pepper

Brand Nitya
SKU 150g
Name of the product Banana Chips- Black Pepper
About the product
· Nitya’s Banana Chips Crafted with high-quality bananas and a generous sprinkle of flavorful black pepper for a unique and savory twist.
· We meticulously select ripe bananas to ensure a delightful balance between sweetness and the boldness of black pepper.
· Our banana chips are expertly seasoned with just the right amount of black pepper,
· Through a careful process, we achieve the perfect crispiness that complements the robust taste of black pepper.
· Enjoy the best of both worlds – the energy from bananas and the savory kick from black pepper.
· The addition of black pepper is done with precision and care, ensuring uniform distribution without compromising hygiene.
Nutritional information – reference values per 100g
Calories 158kcal
Carbs 19g
Fat 11g